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Vermont Nut Free Chocolates


Vermont Nut Free Chocolates was founded in 1998 by the mother of a little boy with a potentially life-threatening peanut allergy. Gail and Mark Elvidge first learned of their son Tanner’s allergy when he suffered a reaction at 8 months old. They were shocked, concerned and frightened to see this reaction in their small child. To ensure their son’s safety they began to thoroughly read ingredient labels and discovered that the hardest product to find for a nut allergic child was chocolate. Many chocolate companies manufacture products that contain nuts which makes their other products unsafe for nut allergies because of cross-contamination on shared production lines and facilities. Not wanting Tanner to miss out on a childhood indulgence Gail began making homemade chocolate that was guaranteed safe. The combination of love for her son and passion for chocolate inspired Gail to create Vermont Nut Free Chocolates, a company dedicated to making quality tree nut and peanut free confections. Vermont Nut Free Chocolates recently relocated to Colchester, Vermont and is proud to continue their production in a dedicated nut-free facility with over 30 devoted employees. Vermont Nut Free Chocolates has a wide range of confections to choose from, including holiday-themed collections (Halloween/Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day/St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter) that are released throughout the year.


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